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Help in Organizing Practically Everything

Cassandra is amazing! I can not rave enough about her and her talent. It is money well spent. My office space/ bedroom was a place I avoided like the plague because looking at it gave me anxiety. Cassandra transformed the room into a fully functional office that I can not wait to spend time in. Can not thank her enough.

"There is a method to my madness" was a mantra that I lived by daily for many years in regards to my closet and bathroom storage areas. As a result, chaotic mornings ensued as I prepared for the workday. Thanks to Cassandra's relaxed and inviting personality, we were able to develop easy, manageable solutions that I am still maintaining one year later for both my closet and bathroom storage. I highly recommend the services that HOPE has to offer.


Cassandra was a tremendous help to me with organizing my jewelry! My attempts at organizing it were unsuccessful so I decided to consult a professional. Cassandra came over for a consult and right away honed in on my organizational issue. She suggested a wall-mounted jewelry armoire, which allowed me to safely store all of my jewelry in one place and has room for additional pieces I plan to purchase. I love it! The armoire is also stylish and compliments my bedroom furniture. I am so thankful to Cassandra.
B. Lewis, First Lady